Small Business IT Tips: – Virtualization

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Using Virtual Machines to run your business services is probably the cheapest and easiest way to boost your business efficiency and lower costs.

Some ideas where you can use virtualization

  • Maintain your old systems.  You know that old Windows XP laptop that runs your entire payroll system, that you have to lug around to your accountant every quarter because a software update would cost $10K.  Clone it to a virtual machine, or create a new Windows XP virtual machine and install your payroll software.  Now you can run payroll from your new Core i7 MacBook Pro.
  • Consolidate all of your servers.  Maybe you have a web server, an Exchange server, a radius server, a database server, a firewall, and a file server and you’re IT guy thinks he’s super awesome for getting them all to fit in a nice floor mount network rack that you managed to get used at a second hand office supplies warehouse.  Great! But did you ever stop to think about how much power all of those machines are going to use?  According to a 2009 IBM study, the average server used 425 Watts at “average load”… that means you could be using about 2500 WATTS!  That is a pretty great reason to consolidate all of your servers and have it pay for itself.
  • Phone Systems.  Who says you need one of those large phone system boxes hanging on your wall that can only be serviced by an outside contractor.  How about a Voice Over IP Sytem…All Running from a Virtual Machine.  You just blew my mind!
  • Support old hardware.  If you have an old plotter, printer, scanner, or other piece of old hardware that doesn’t have drivers for the new operating systems, virtualize it.
  • Recover your ancient backups.  Frequently I get contacted to recover data from really old media or software that can’t be accessed any more.  Solution,  load up an old virtual machine that supported that media.
  • Run an in-house mail or webserver with instant failover and recovery.  With virtual machines your can create snapshots, do live syncs, and be up and running from a crash or a hack in a matter of minutes.

The best part about virtualization is that there are paid versions… and there are FREE ones.  Personally I think the best one is VirtualBox . Virtualbox does have a few limitations but it’s cost of free is great, and without going into the extensive details about what a Hypervisor is or how different types of hypervisors work.  Just know this,  they are all pretty flexible and most can do pretty much the same thing.

For a good performing Virtual Machine Host, all that you need to provide is a decently powerful machine and as much RAM as you want to buy.  You could in theory run all of the suggested ideas above from a single machine with a Quad core processor and about 8GB of RAM running the free Ubuntu Linux OS.  Of course, server class hardware would be best, but it’s not required.

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